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Small/Medium Business Membership

Vendorcom has an exclusive membership type for small and medium businesses. This builds on the former 'Solo' membership for single person enterprises with Vendorcom's Small/Medium Business Membership covering businesses of up to five members of staff. 

Small/Medium Business Membership reflects a similar level of benefits to those offered to larger 'Corporate' Members who join at the 'Community' level, with free access to all of Vendorcom's core activities: Networking Events, Thought Leadership Conferences, and Special Interest Groups. 

Small/Medium Business Members may be recognised additionally at the 'Collaborating' level of membership where they are able to contribute to the growth and development of specific areas of Vendorcom and its activities. 

The cost of Vendorcom Small/Medium Business Membership is based on the number of members of staff as follows: 

Small/Medium Business Membership is renewable annually based on the membership invoice due date. 

To download an application form to become a Small/Medium Business Member, please click here.

Vendorcom Merchant Membership is available for businesses primarily taking payments from consumers. 
Vendorcom Corporate Membership is available for businesses with more than five members of staff. 

For more information on the advantages of becoming a member of Vendorcom or about participating in or contributing to our Networking Events, Conferences or Special Interest Groups, please contact Paul Rodgers on or +44 7785 502605.
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